Tue, 14 February, 2023

A new fragrance inspired by the nomadic culture in Mongolia

A new fragrance inspired by the nomadic culture in Mongolia

MONTROI launches Emperium, a fragrance celebrating the land of blue skies - Mongolia.


Emperium is an olfactory journey of horse riding through the Altai mountains, the Gobi desert, and the Khövsgöl lake. 

The scent is an enigmatic fusion of bergamot and pink pepper top notes with vanilla and musk as the base that traverses along the Mongolian silk route, reminiscent of traditional Mongol horses and its century-long nomadic lifestyle.

The last surviving nomadic culture



Mongolia is one of the last surviving nomadic cultures in the world. The nomadic tribes live in harmony with mother nature, a philosophy that is upheld in Mongolian tradition.

"Bound by no boundaries, contained by no countries, tamed by no time, we nomads are the force of nature's course."

The comforting musk note



The comforting musk note in Emperium is inspired by the profound regard and care the Mongolian nomads have for wildlife. As one of the only remaining horse-based cultures left in the world, the nomads of Mongolia have a strong cultural and emotional connection with their horses.

The MONTROI team was amazed by the Mongolian coaxing tradition of playing melodies for the mother herd to accept a new born or an orphan calf, reflecting the deep respect and care nomads have for the well being of their livestock.

A nomadic insight



The MONTROI team followed the route of Mongolian nomads, traveling through different aspects of nature, from harsh winters to lush springs. Every nuance of Mongolia is captivating, from the warm hospitality of cold winters to fields of freshly bloomed bergamot and pink peppers in spring.

MONTROI cherishes the warm-welcoming nomadic heritage of Mongolia by composing Emperium, a spicy celebration of wandering along the rugged landscapes beneath cobalt blue skies.