Thu, 02 March, 2023

Along the desert trails, a tribute to nomadic wanderlust

Along the desert trails, a tribute to nomadic wanderlust

MONTROI launches Oriental Musk incense sticks


MONTROI's new fragrant incense sticks Oriental Musk is a warm, musky reminiscence of the Orient. These incense sticks are a celebration of the nomadic traditions of Bedouin tribes of the Arabian Peninsula. The nomads have played an important role in shaping the region's history and culture, and their influence can still be felt in the modern-day Middle East.

A tradition from the ancient Silk Route



Since the days of the ancient Silk Route, the nomadic Bedouin tribes have been an important part of the economic and cultural exchanges between India and the Gulf region. MONTROI honors the nomadic ties between these regions by adding strong, musky incense sticks to the collection.

MONTROI incense sticks are produced in Rajasthan, India, with precious rare oils using an artisanal process passed down through generations since the days of the Ancient Silk Route.

A timeless connection to the desert



The unique culture of Bedouin tribes has developed over centuries, shaped by their nomadic way of life and their deep connection to the desert landscape.

The desert; a vast expanse of land where one's imagination can take flight, a place where reality and dreams seem to blur together, a place of boundless terrain where anything and everything is possible. The Bedouin nomads possessed remarkable abilities for traversing the deserts, even in harsh conditions.

"The ocean attracts the sailor;
the desert attracts the nomad;
the infinite attracts the poet"
Joseph Roux


A tradition from the ancient Silk Route



Musk has a nomadic history in itself; its first appearance dates back to the 6th century, when Greek explorers brought it from India and made it available to the rest of the world. In ancient Egyptian civilization, musk was considered a symbol of royalty and nobility. It was portrayed as the scent of captivation, the fragrance of passion, and the aroma of desire.

The popularity of musk along the Silk Route peaked when the Arab perfumers perfected the art of capturing its aphrodisiac powers.

Musk, a scent so beguiling,
the allure is beyond compare,
keep us wanting for more, unaware