Fri, 26 May, 2023



The Montroi team embarked on a journey along the ancient Silk Route to discover and preserve traditional craftsmanship. Traveling through different environments and cultures, the team realized the need for durable travel goods that could last and age beautifully. The search led to Italy, where skilled artisans handcraft grain and suede leather accessories using traditional techniques. Collaborating with the artisans, the Montroi team created a collection of hand-crafted travel accessories that are both practical and beautiful, made from only the finest materials. Montroi leather crafts is a celebration of the spirit of a modern day nomad and a tribute to traditional craftsmanship.

Hand-crafted to age beautifully



Leather is the canvas upon which stories of adventure are etched. Each grain is like a chapter, marking the journey of a nomad. The process of crafting grain leather is a labor of love, with each artisan taking great pride in their work.  Each piece of leather is unique and requires a different approach, depending on its texture, color, and thickness. Through skill and experience, the artisans are able to bring out the natural beauty of the leather, crafting products that are not only functional, but also truly timeless.

Capturing the memories of nomadic adventures



Montroi in-house artists hand-paint all Montroi travel accessories making them timeless and unique. The artisans follow a specific hand-painting technique in which the leather is initially prepared and then different layers are painted from darkest to brightest colors which takes up to 48 hours. A mattifying coat is applied at the very end which will protect the artwork and help it age well. Personalization tells the story of trips and nomad life leaving lasting memories. Montroi offers a stunning selection of over 100 hand-painting elements on website as well as in retail outlets to customize the grain leather crafts.

Engraved for life; Marquage À Chaud



Embossing personalization are done through the hand made artisanal process of ‘Marquage à chaud’ at 100 °C. The size of the letters is 0.5 cm or 1 cm height and the finishing is done in gold or silver foil or entirely natural to the leather. Embossing are made by hand, where imperfections are embraced as a reflection of human touch.


Personalizing is an experience to make travel accessories unique and reflect nomad life. The opportunity to personalize travel accessories is available both at the moment of purchase and also with time after a few years. Kindly contact the Montroi concierge team who would be delighted to assist and take you through the personalization process at