Tue, 24 January, 2023

Montroi's golden tribute to India's oldest jewelers

Montroi's golden tribute to India's oldest jewelers

MONTROI launches a collection of 22 karat gold bracelets hand-crafted by The Gem Palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan



MONTROI launches timeless jewelry celebrating true royalty and ancient craftsmanship. Royal 22K gold bracelets are made in collaboration with The Gem Palace in Jaipur, at the heart of the Rajasthan; India’s oldest jewelry house with a legacy of 9 generations.

The Gem palace started as the official jewelers for the regent family in Jaipur, India. Their artwork is inspired from traditional techniques of ancient Persian goldsmiths who work today with royalty from across the world.

A true example of nomadism



For almost 100 years, the Indian subcontinent was under British rule known as the era of British Raj, the era of strong cultural exchanges between European and Indian jewelers.The Gem palace artistry is a coalesce of  inspirations from European designs blending with ancient Indian craftsmanship, a true example of Nomadism.


MONTROI celebrates this art of craft inspired from the modern silk route by introducing three gold bracelets in collaboration with The Gem Palace, each with a unique charm.

The hand charm : Throughout history, open right hand symbolizes the hand of God, a protective sign

The fish charm : Inspired from ancient mythology the fish charm symbolizes wealth & abundance.

The eye charm :  The ancient Indian mythology believes eye wearable symbolizes power & protection against the evil and bad luck

 Made with unwavering pride



Join MONTROI on a tribute to some of the finest craftsmen in the world, the artisans of The Gem Palace.