Thu, 13 April, 2023

An exquisite candle scent inspired from the oldest inhabited city, Samarkand

An exquisite candle scent inspired from the oldest inhabited city, Samarkand

Embarking on a journey to celebrate the nomadic spirit along the Silk Route, Montroi team reached the city of history & heritage - Samarkand. Known for its pivotal role in shaping the ancient Silk Route, this fabled destination has inspired the creation of an aromatic candle - Samarkand Fig.

A glimpse into the vibrant history of the ancient Silk Route


In the height of the Silk Route's glory, Samarkand was a prominent center for commerce and culture, and the Baghi Balan Garden held a special place in its vibrant history. The serene haven was a beloved summer escape for the Timurid dynasty, whose empire spanned from Iran to Central Asia. The garden's allure attracted not only royalty but also nomads and traders traveling along the ancient Silk Route.

Baghi Balan garden: A timeless jewel of Samarkand's Silk Route heritage


Legends speak of twelve magnificent gardens in Samarkand, and only one, the Bagibalan garden, remains. It is adorned with luscious 300-year-old fig trees that evoke a sense of wonder and enchantment. The garden's beauty was so awe-inspiring that even the great Amir Timur was entranced by its splendor. He visited the garden during his reign and was moved to construct a grand palace nearby, which later became the majestic Bibi-Khanym Mosque. It is said that the fig trees in Bagibalan garden were personally planted by Amir Timur himself, providing shade and nourishment for generations to come. The garden's legacy continues to captivate visitors with its rich cultural significance.

The exquisite essence of history & heritage


The Bagibalan  garden was a center for horticulture, with its fruit trees and plants being used to develop new varieties that could be traded along the Silk Route. It is said that traders and travelers would often stop in at the garden to rest and refresh themselves, taking in the sweet scents and sights of the flowers and fruits. The Montroi team, inspired from the ancient Silk Route city of Samarkand, developed an exquisite blend of fragrant candle in Grasse, France.


“Travelling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”
Ibn Battuta


As the candle is lit the top notes of blackcurrant, green leaf, and coconut creates an exotic base with heart notes of  geranium and violet giving the scent an earthy element which emerges a while later. Finally as the candle burns down, the base notes of sandal, musk and vanilla emerges and lingers the air even after the candle is extinguished which provide a warm and comforting turn.